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UK Chemists, Pharmacists & UK Chemist Shops

Chemists-pharmacists-UK.co.uk makes it easy to find UK Chemists, Specialists and Chemists' shops. We provide the names, numbers, directions, and other contact details for 1000s of UK chemists or pharmacies in the UK. There is also a map to each chemist or a website for an online UK chemist.

Reviews of UK chemists by their patients are available. These include recommendations for and against different UK Chemists and UK Pharmacists. If you have a good, or bad, experience with a chemist in UK then we ask you post a review that UK pharmacist. There are reviews of Pharmacists throughout England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Find a chemist of any almost type in the UK: 24/7 chemist, Late night chemist, emergency chemist, discount chemist, online UK chemist, brick and mortar chemist, local chemist & neighbourhood chemist.

Note: we do not provide information on Canadian pharmacies, Mexican pharmacies or other “overseas pharmacies”.

The cities with the most pharmacists in the UK are:
Chemists in London
Chemists in Birmingham
Chemists in Belfast, Northern Ireland
Chemists in Glasgow, Scotland
Chemists in Leeds, England

London (749)
Birmingham (229)
Glasgow (205)
Manchester (175)
Liverpool (144)
Belfast (126)
Leicester (113)
Sheffield (107)
Bristol (95)
Nottingham (94)
Leeds (85)
Coventry (82)
Edinburgh (72)
Newcastle-upon-Tyne (66)
Southampton (64)
Derby (57)
Bradford (56)
Norwich (52)
Preston (51)
Stoke-on-Trent (50)
Wolverhampton (50)
Plymouth (49)
Bolton (48)
Stockport (48)
Walsall (48)
Doncaster (46)
Wirral (46)
Aberdeen (45)
Newport (43)
Reading (43)
Northampton (40)
Wigan (40)
Luton (39)
Blackpool (38)
Brighton (38)
Peterborough (38)
York (38)
Sunderland (37)
Croydon (36)
Ipswich (36)
Harrow (35)
Warrington (35)
Bournemouth (34)
Rotherham (34)
Dundee (33)
Oxford (33)
Huddersfield (32)
Oldham (32)
Cambridge (30)
Swindon (30)

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